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Clarice R. Barrett, Msc. D., Author, Renowned & Award Winning Mystic, Numerologist, Existentialist, Lecturer, Newspaper Columnist , Multi-Media Communicator, Pubic Speaker/ Lecturer with 34 Years of Experience. 
Past columnist of the monthly Astrology and Numerology pages for the In Light Times, Metaphysical Publication.

This author understands and conveys the technology of the Ancient Sciences and how to optimally use the secret law of attraction to live and attain one’s ultimate purpose. Dr. Clarice has many years of expertise in the higher realm of consciousness, known as the Sacred Cosmic Laws of Geometry, Science and Spirituality, “God”. She is an Author, and Esoteric Christian, (Ancient Hebrew teachings). Dr. Clarice is a Spiritual Mystic, Empath and Intuitive since birth, and naturally carries the knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries. Since the age of 15, Dr. Clarice has demonstrated  a unique gifted perspective into Existential Research , and an ability to analyze man’s existence. Dr. Clarice's knowledge covers Ancient Spiritual Astrology and Numerology.

Dr. Clarice is recognized as a visionary inventor in solar electrical products. Dr. Clarice was trained by, Stacey Dean, PMAFA, C.C.Ht. at the Academy of Metaphysical Arts & Sciences, in Las Vegas, NV.

Dr. Clarice was recognized By The Smithsonian Institute and was submitted to the Library of Congress in 1997 for her Solar Power invention and contribution to emergency agencies.

Dr Carice continues her work for the betterment of mankind and man’s connections to “God and Christ,” along with all their mysteries. You will find the true esoteric knowledge in her books. Dr. Clarice has received many awards for her visionary work. Dr. Clarice's advice and council  has been sought after by political leaders, CEOs, Captain's of Industry, The Hollywood Elite, and everyday people that aspire to the higher worldwide.
Awards Received:
"Mayor William G. Kleindienst, Proclamation: Clarice Barrett Day Feb, 19th 1997"

“Mayor Lloyd Maryanov, Honorary Citizen Award 1994" Palm Springs, CA

“Award of Merit of Excellence 97”

  “Who’s Who National Executives, 2000”

“Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada 96-2006”